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Winner of the Prize

Cantieri di Strada



Circus Theatre Show


Let's raise our glasses to a hot summer's night...

or maybe more than one!

After a long night of craziness and partying, to kickstart the day…

...try Circo Puntino to give you the exhilarating boost of a fine cup of espresso on Sunday morning!

The Caffeine Effect is the switch that turns on fantasy, the stimulus for creativity, the beginning of a journey from reality to dream, from small details to big impact.

Flying cups and dancing brooms, aerial feats and acrobatics, a caravan that comes to life and a big swinging cube...

A comic and poetic show where every object is presented under a different light, everything changes and transforms, like water that, put in a kettle, magically becomes Coffee.



most important partecipations:

- Artisti in Piazza (Pennabilli)

- Mirabilia (Fossano, CN)

- Giffoni Film Festival (Giffoni, SA)

- FUC (Novigrad, CROAZIA)

- Ibla Buskers Festival (Ragusa)

- VeregraStreetFestival(Montegranaro)

- KinderFestival (Bolzano)

- Magie al Borgo (Costa di Mezzate, BG)

- Bibliofestival (Dalmine, BG)


...and programmed in Theater Seasons:

- Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani (Torino)

- Teatro Civico Toselli (Cuneo)

- Teatro Furio Camillo (Roma)

- Teatro Corsini (Firenze)

- Teatro Ateneu 9 Barris (Barcellona)

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