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We Can Do it !

One Woman Show

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This evening you will have the honor to see the construction, right in front of your eyes, of a simple object
that ... makes the world go round!
And so after a thousand vicissitudes, flying traffic cones, unlikely measurements, constructions,
deconstructions, fire juggling and involuntary volunteers...


Here is revealed the mysterious object: the great WHEEL... the GERMAN WHEEL!
An original show, which mixes acrobatics  with street theater: a circus
technique of great scenic effect combined with the fun of improvisation with the audience.


Choose this show for you event if: 

You want an acrobatic show that is also funny and entertaining. 

• You want to include a circus technique in your event that is rarely seen and will leave the audience in awe. 

• You want a comedic show with a message that makes you reflect

• You want to promote women's empowerment in the arts, helping to break gender stereotypes.

This show has been performed at these Festivals:

- MAGIE AL BORGO (Costa di Mezzate-BG)

- ART'NA RUA (Tomar - Portogallo)

- I TEATRI DEL MONDO (Porto Sant'Elpidio - FM)


- TO FRINGE Festival (Torino)


- Rassegna "E' arrivato il Barbatangheri"(Andalo e Molveno)

- Rassegna "STRANI TEATRI DI STRADA" (Sasso Marconi-BO)

- RiPARTY (Roccabianca-PR)

- MOSTRA MERCATO PISOGNE (Pisogne, Lago d'Iseo)

- ARTISTI IN STRADA (Casarsa della Delizia-PN)


- INTEATRO Festival (Polverigi-AN)

...and many others!


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